Adventures in Odyssey Events

Adventures in Odyssey is celebrating their 30th Birthday and we want you to celebrate with us! Please see exclusive events aboard our cruise for you to participate in all the fun we will have together. Times and locations will be available in the daily Disney Navigator on the ship.

Adventures in Odyssey 30th Birthday Live Show

Join Whit, Connie, Eugene, Wooton, Jason, Chris, and some surprise guests as they perform an exciting Adventures in Odyssey live show. This cruise-only stage event features scenes from classic stories plus brand-new heart-warming and hilarious scenes set in everyone’s favorite small town. Please plan to attend the show opposite your dinner seating, Wednesday evening.

Adventures in Odyssey Meet and Greet

Meet the cast and crew that bring that the audio dramas to life. Get autographs with your favorite voice actors and make memories.


Adventures in Odyssey Story Time

End the day with imaginative bedtime stories and lullabies from some of your favorite Adventures in Odyssey actors and musicians.


Adventures in Odyssey Cast Q & A

How much do you practice for recording? How did you get started in voice acting? What’s your favorite episode? Hear the answers to these questions and more as the actors answer questions from the audience live on stage. Submit your questions no later than November 1, 2017  to


Adventures in Odyssey Writer’s Workshop

Ever wanted to write your own script for Adventures in Odyssey? Take on the challenge by learning from the writers who put each episode together.


The Whit’s End Trivia Game

Pit your knowledge of the history of Adventures in Odyssey against other fans. Whether you’re new to Odyssey or you’ve been listening from the beginning, you’ll enjoy this light-hearted contest.

The Harlequin Theatre

The playhouse from the town of Odyssey comes onboard and you can be a part of the action! Your ideas will help create hilarious skits that the Adventures in Odyssey actors will perform on the spot. One of the skits will be “Kids Radio” where the actors read scripts written by children. There are two categories of sketches – one written by kids ages nine and under, and another category written by kids ages 10 to 13.

Please check out the specific requirements and submission form at extended to October 15 for submissions. Your child’s script may be one of those chosen for the actors to perform live on the cruise.

Ready to Deck Out Your Door?

Unpack your creativity, fun and Adventures in Odyssey love and plan to Deck Out Your Door as a family once you arrive on board. We will be scouting out the biggest Adventures in Odyssey fans on the ship by your cabin door decorations using the following categories:

  1. Best Original Artwork
  2. Most Adventures in Odyssey Spirit
  3. Most Creative

Each category winner will receive a full year of Adventures in Odyssey Club Membership ($120 value) and will be announced on Thursday, November 16Please read and follow ship stateroom door decorating guidelines to avoid any damage to the doors.

Families Must Sign Up To Participate

When you are aboard the ship, go to Focus on the Family Guest Service HQ on Deck 4 Midship to register your family and stateroom number to be in the contest. Sign up closes on Tuesday at 8pm. Doors for judging must also be ready by Tuesday 8pm.

Stateroom Door Decorating Rules

To ensure an enjoyable cruise experience for all our Guests, we ask that you take note of the following guidelines for decorating your stateroom door. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

You are welcome to place magnetic signs on your stateroom door. Though, please note that Concierge staterooms on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy have wooden doors*. You may not affix items to your stateroom doors using tape or any adhesive, including removable gel adhesives, as this can damage the doors’ finish.

Also, using over-the-door hanging organizers is prohibited, as they can scratch and/or disfigure stateroom doors and trim.

Guests who damage doors in violation of these guidelines will be assessed a $100 fee per incident to cover the cost of repairs.

*Concierge level rooms can provide their entry on a 24 x 36 poster board and deliver to the Focus on the Family HQ desk by Tuesday evening 8pm. A foam board will also be made available upon request at the Focus HQ, one per stateroom. Stateroom number and Family name must be present on the board, and entries will not be returned.

Character Cruise Art

These Adventures in Odyssey images are copyrighted and not for commercial use, rights of use are granted for only the deck out your door contest and personal fish extender gifts onboard. For any other usage, permission from Focus on the Family is required.

For help booking your Focus on the Family Cruise, call (844)-386-3628.

For further assistance, email

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