Nassau, Bahamas

Experience Old World colonial charm and island recreation at this important commercial and cultural center in the tropics.

Destination Details

Nassau, the capital of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, is the largest city on New Providence Island. Nassau has long stood as a harbor of immense appeal to tourists seeking its agreeable climate, natural beauty, world-class leisure and scintillating nightlife. Its proximity to the United States—just 180 miles off the coast of Miami, Florida—has also helped secure its status as a popular vacation resort.

Local Culture and Flavor
You can get a taste of Nassau’s old history by exploring its plethora of landmarks. If you plan to explore Nassau by foot, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. You’re likely to find that local culture shows evidence of its colonial roots and island influences.

When you’ve worked up an appetite, real Bahamian fare is readily available at numerous restaurants to be found around the sites most visited by adventurous tourists. Fresh lobster and other seafood dishes distinguish the local cuisine.

Past and Present
The history that has shaped present-day Nassau is endlessly intriguing. In the 17th century, pirates—including the infamous Blackbeard—dominated the territory, before civilization was restored in the 1700s and Nassau began to prosper.

Unique charms and quirky architecture can be observed around the island—relics of vibrant eras come and gone. Today you’ll find much of Nassau’s past preserved in Old Town, with its colorful structures in Caribbean style and curiously abandoned buildings. The modern age, however, has seen much of the tourism concentrate on the coast, where the beaches teem with excited vacationers and water-sport enthusiasts.

If you’re seeking the simplest and purest of tropical pleasures during your stay in the Bahamas, Nassau is a divine destination choice.

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